Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Center

In December 2017, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation and the Concept Paper on Energy Efficiency Knowledge Hub, supported by GIZ. The EE Knowledge Hub was envisioned as a cluster of existing knowledge on energy efficiency in buildings, also providing information and advisory on the topic, fostering networking, knowledge and experience sharing, as well as developing capacities of local self-government units in Serbia.


The EE Knowledge Hub consists of the two following components:


1. Web Platform

The Web Platform brings better visibility, accessibility to knowledge and contributes to the sustainability of this inter-institutional cooperation. The Platform, among other things, serves the linking of the SCTM website with the Faculty website, along with some useful links to other sources of knowledge and relevant EE experience.


2. Capacity development and experience exchange

Regular public meetings (roundtables, workshops, conferences, etc.) will gather members of the Energy Efficiency Network thus putting on their agendas each time an important topic related to energy efficiency in public buildings and energy management system. It is expected that these conferences pursuing educational goals and exchange of experiences will contribute to better utilization of available energy efficiency funds, as well as to enabling local self-government units to prepare quality project proposals within this field of expertise.


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